I am a Narrative Practitioner, which I combine with Pastoral Therapy, working in private practice. I am fully bilingual and therapy sessions and workshops can be conducted in Afrikaans or English. I obtained my masters degree in Practical

Theology with the University of South Africa (UNISA), in collaboration with the Institute for Therapeutic Development (ITD) – specialising in pastoral therapy in the Narrative approach.

The title of my research journey for my masters studies is JOURNEYS INTO THE GARDEN OF SEXUALITY: The Voices of Women’s Sexuality in Pastoral Conversations. With this research journey I explored the impact of Judaism and Christianity on women’s experiences of their sexuality within their faith identity with the focus on Christian women.

In 2004 I was introduced to narrative therapy and have since specialised in these therapeutic practices. Narrative therapy is a relational system and process in which the participants and the therapist become conversational partners in the telling, inquiring, interpreting and shaping of their narratives. In this approach, the expertise of the client(s) and the therapist are combined and merged. During therapy sessions, I journey with clients through their struggles with many varied problems. A participatory approach to pastoral care ignited my desire to change what is unspoken and to give a voice to such untold stories. I am committed to create a space for clients, in which they can experience re-discovery of themselves, others and possibly new understanding of their contexts. Narrative therapy is especially effective when dealing with couples’ therapy, power relations and relational problems. During therapy the inclusion of a client’s spiritual journey is done only on their request and is not presupposed.

I completed my doctorate again researching Christian sexuality with my research topic being: Protestant Christian Women Living in Sexually unhappy marriages. This research project arose from an awareness that many Christians are in need of pastoral care or therapeutic conversations regarding their intimate relationships and the way they experience and express their sexuality within their religious context, yet few ever have the opportunity  –  a way to break the silence.

Other than being a therapist, researcher, gender consultant and HIV & Aids trainer,  I am a wife and mother and a Bull Terrier lover. I have been involved in public speaking for many years and conducted motivational workshops through-out South Africa. I present/facilitate workshops on gender issues, power ethics, HIV & Aids, life coaching as well as Christianity and sexuality. My workshops are informal and participatory in approach, encouraging participation of and conversation between delegates.

Spies, N 2011. Exploring and storying Protestant Christian women/s experiences living in sexually unhappy marriages. DTh thesis, University of South Africa (UNISA), Pretoria. 


 Spies, N 2006.  Journeys into the garden of sexuality: The Voices of women’s sexuality in pastoral conversations. MTh dissertation, University of South Africa (UNISA), Pretoria. 


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