Feedback and comments from participants


Organizer’s‘ feedback report:

Thanks for last night, it was an eye opener for me, and it really gives me hope for the future.

I felt that the ‘Outside a witness’ went very well and was surprised at the respectful way the young people shared and behaved – not chirping, but rather witnessing what was shared. A very building experienced for me – made me hopeful for the future, hopeful for our young people and hopeful for the work we “be”

The skits, although rushed, due to time constraints, really cemented much of what was witnessed, experienced and learnt during the evening.

All round a rich, hopeful learning experience for me….I believe this workshop was the beginning of a change process that we need in this dear country of ours.

Dankie Nicki – words fail me to express my gratitude to you for joining us in this way as a community.

Feedback on the guys’ participation:

The feedback from the guys in the ‘guys only ‘feedback section really touched me as I witnessed how vulnerable they were to their feelings and how they witnessed the effects of gender behaviour:

Some of their statements:

“I am ashamed; embarrassed as a male for the abuse, gossip and the demeaning ways we treat girls”

“ I am shocked at our behaviour, I never realised how it affected others”

“ Girls get it from all sides, from guys and other girls’

“ Girls get smashed all the time, from us and from other  girls”

“ I am guilty of abuse” [This comment came from one of the cool guys and local sports hero of the school]

Personal Feedback:

The youth pastor’s response after the workshop to me: ‘I am blown out of the water. I cannot believe what I witnessed tonight. It was amazing. We HAVE to continue this work’.

Some of the youngsters also came to me after the workshop and were eager to continue the momentum gained by the workshop. They requested follow-up workshops in their church youth setting, but also within their schools.

Some teenagers also wanted to set guidelines / boundaries re sexually loaded conversations on social media between guys and girls and asked if I would assist them in this. I have contacted their minister and youth pastor and suggested such a follow-up workshop. Both the minister and the youth pastor are very excited about this possibility. We will organize the follow-up workshop after the June holidays.


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