I am a Narrative Practitioner working in private practice. I am fully bilingual and sessions can be conducted in Afrikaans or English. I obtained my masters degree and doctorate in Practical Theology with the University of South Africa (UNISA), in collaboration with the Institute for Therapeutic Development (ITD) – specialising in pastoral therapy in the Narrative approach.

I also offer workshops, information and motivation talks, life couching and corporate workshops.

Talks / workshops that I offer:

  • Sexual happiness in marriages
  • Being comfortable in your skin as a woman
  • Sexual bliss or misery?
  • Men of a certain age
  • Why men do as men do?
  • Power games in relationships
  • Embracing your gay child
  • Historical discourses regarding sexuality as found in the Christian faith
  • Power ethics within corporate entities
  • Gender awareness

I have been involved in public speaking for many years and conducted motivational workshops through-out South Africa. My workshops and talks are informal and participatory in approach, encouraging participation of and conversation between delegates. I also regularly participate in radio talks and have a weekly slot, Sleeping out on the Hitlist Show on MFM radio.

Other than being a therapist, public speaker, researcher, gender consultant and HIV & Aids trainer, I am a wife and mother of a (21) and daughter (18).


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